Case Study

Using ALEX to Communicate Benefits to Retail Employees


In terms of benefits communication, American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) certainly has its hands full. Its three-person, Pittsburgh-based benefits team is in charge of reaching 4,225 full-time retail associates in 1,066 stores across the United States—and that’s in addition to full-time employees working in corporate offices and distribution centers.





“Our store population is relatively young. If they’re not still jumping on their parents’ coverage, they’re applying for benefit coverage for the very first time. They don’t know what out-of-pocket maximums are, or what a deductible is, or why they should choose Plan A or Plan B or Plan C.”

Anthony Jarusinski
Senior Benefits Coordinator, American Eagle Outfitters

How ALEX Helped

Using ALEX allows AEO to present a consistent benefits message to employees at the store level—a message the associates took to immediately. Data collected from AEO’s version of ALEX shows that 99% of surveyed visitors found the medical insurance module to be “Extremely,” “Very,” or “Somewhat” helpful, and open-ended comments from employees included rave reviews.



“For us, having ALEX is like being able to send a benefits specialist to each of our associates and their families. ALEX is user friendly, interactive, and fun. And with ALEX, our associates don’t have to flip through 30 pages of a printed benefits packet to find out what they need to know.”

Anthony Jarusinski
Senior Benefits Coordinator, American Eagle Outfitters

“As a person enrolling in benefits for the first time, it was extremely helpful to have such an awesome tool to guide me through the process. Thanks, AEO and ALEX!”

Employee, American Eagle Outfitters

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