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The Affordable Care Act / Pizza Parable

(On Tuesday, there was some major drama in the world of healthcare, when two courts arrived at opposite rulings on the legality of ACA subsidies. ALEX implementation expert intern and self-described ACA nerd Diane Haberkorn shared her breakdown of the situation with our team…and it was so clever and smart, we thought we’d pass it on to you. Take it … Read More

Lucky You. It’s Free Device Usage Infographic Monday!

Pop quiz, blog readers. Are you reading this on your PC? Your tablet? Maybe your phone? And where exactly are you? And what time of day is it? I’m not asking because I’m a nosy so-and-so. I’m asking because today, the ALEX team released a helpful new infographic that lays out the current research on when most people use their … Read More

Decision Support: Building a Better Rudra

Today I thought I’d share a video we made with our friends down the hall at The Jellyvision Lab. The video is short—just under two minutes in length—and features two awesome things: A description of what we mean by “decision support” Rudra Banerji In case you didn’t know, decision support is kind of our bag—the whole idea behind ALEX is … Read More

Tuesday is Free Onboarding Infographic Day

Last month, we talked a bunch right here about the eye-opening findings from an onboarding survey ALEX recently released–ALEX Asks: What Employees Think About Your Onboarding. Now, to help folks keep some of that important stuff front of mind, we made the handy-dandy little infographic below. Some tips, some stats–and a motivational picture of everyone’s favorite onboarding-themed ocean liner–the S.S. Productivity. … Read More

Keep Wellness Front of Mind with Half-Year’s Resolutions

June, otherwise known as National Employee Wellness Month, has come and gone…but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make (or keep) wellness front of mind at your office the rest of the summer. In fact, as July 1 is the halfway point of 2014, I’d like to propose the invention of Half-Year’s (Wellness) Resolutions. You know, as a thing. I’m sure … Read More

What Keeps New Hires From Bailing? It Ain’t the Free Lunches

An hour ago, dozens of Jellypeople got together to enjoy this week’s catered lunch. Rib tips, BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes and greens…I might have to go back for thirds. These free meals are one of the nifty perks that come with working here, and, boy, do I look forward to them; but as a recent survey conducted by BambooHR makes … Read More

Meet Our Amazing ALEX Millennials — Volume 1

Last Tuesday, published an article about what millennials want out of their careers, and gave a nice little shout-out to The Jellyvision Lab for being recently named “Best Place to Work for Millennials” by Crain’s Chicago Business magazine. Naturally, we were pleased as punch to be mentioned, especially because the article talked about why so many young talented twenty- … Read More

Summer Interns: Your Benefits Communication Secret Weapons?

This summer at Jellyvision, fifteen (!) bright and wonderful interns have joined our team—and we couldn’t be happier. Of course we’re eager to discover our interns’ fresh perspective on things, and are always hopeful (for their and our sake) that a few will eventually join our ranks full-time. But maybe the most concrete benefit of having more brainpower and bandwidth … Read More

How Flexible Will Your Work Schedule Be This Summer?

Saturday marks the beginning of Will Smith’s favorite season, everybody. That’s right, I’m talking about summer, summer, summertime. The schools are emptying and the beaches (at least in Chicago) are filling up. The ice cream trucks are out in full force. And in offices all over the country, employees with big summer dreams are feeling either ornery or psyched about their … Read More