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DipFest—When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip

Earlier today, my colleagues got together around lunchtime and feasted upon 24 amazing dips and an untold number of chips, pita, veggie slices, and other “dippers.” Why? Because we were celebrating the 3rd Annual Jellyvision DipFest competition. As far as Jellyvision cooking competitions go, DipFest is fairly laid back. Dip Chefs prepare a dip, and Jellyvision helps provide the recommended … Read More

No Bobblehead for Ed Oravetz, 2014 Broker of the Year

Ed Oravetz, president and senior benefits consultant at Houston-based benefits brokerage and consulting firm VISICOR, was named Broker of the Year by Benefits Selling Magazine at the 2014 Benefits Selling Expo. Because Ed is an ALEX channel partner, and we’re awfully proud of him, we asked him to sit down with us for a quick interview so we could talk … Read More

US Health Care Price Transparency, You’re Grounded. Forever!

Oooh, United States Health Care Price Transparency, you are grounded. Big time. I just saw your report card on state price transparency laws, and I can tell you right now that you can just forget about borrowing the car, going out with your friends, or playing video games. According to the Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR) and the Health Care … Read More

Treats from Yuri’s Girlfriend—The Comic Book

Yuri’s Girlfriend sometimes brings us treats. Actually, she does it fairly frequently, which is pretty amazing because she doesn’t work here. Sometimes, though—sometimes Yuri’s Girlfriend brings treats when some of us are out of the office. This is one such story….

Employee Benefits Shaming

Happy National Employee Benefits Day, and kudos to the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP) for their “Top Ten Ways to Celebrate National Employee Benefits Day” blog post. Believe me, finding the humor in employee benefits is not exactly a piece of cake, and the IFEBP’s collection of employee benefits memes truly knocked it out of the park. DOMA … Read More

ACA Enrollment Deadline Extended

On the blog last week I wrote a post about the ACA’s March 31 enrollment deadline and what uninsured folks plan to do once it arrives. At the end of the post, I wondered what would happen toward the end of the month—specifically, I wondered whether a reprieve would be in the stars for those who might miss the deadline. … Read More

Are Employers Falling Out of Love with Voluntary Benefits?

Say it’s not so! According to new data from Metlife’s 12th Annual U.S. Benefit Trends Study, employer focus on voluntary benefit strategies has dipped, ending a three-year rising trend. I don’t even know what to say. First the Jonas Brothers break up, and now this? I mean, voluntary benefits and employers are just so good together. If anybody could have … Read More

The ACA’s Enrollment Deadline and Who Will Be Left Behind

Time is running out for the uninsured. The deadline for getting health insurance coverage and meeting the individual mandate of the ACA is less than two weeks away, but many uninsured Americans don’t even know that there’s a deadline in the first place. In fact, according to new Health Insurance Pulse survey data from, 48% of the currently uninsured … Read More

Our Pi Day Pie Was Only 3.1415926535897932385 Hours Late

Today is Pi Day. March 14—or rather, 3/14—has the three most significant digits of the mathematical constant known as π. Of course, Pi Day at Jellyvision means that it’s also Pie Day. Everybody loves Pie Day. Although we’ve had a pretty good Pi Day (and Pie Day) so far, I just got an intra-office email with an announcement that makes … Read More