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What we do

We help people make smart decisions about their health, benefits, and finances. We do that by breaking down these stressful topics with clarity, humanity, and humor. We make videos, interactive webpages, and the occasional t-shirt, but we’re best known for our conversations: online experiences that simulate a conversation with a real person that asks questions, remembers answers, and offers personalized guidance with a bit of personality. That’s ALEX.

ALEX is used by more than 1,500 companies with more than 18 million employees in total, who altogether spend more than $115 billion in health insurance premiums each year. ALEX offers those employees guidance in choosing the best plan for their needs, and their wallets.

It takes an incredible range of talented people to pull this off. We’ve got writers, directors, engineers, developers, account managers, sales experts, actors, administrators, media producers, sound engineers, production specialists, and one yoga instructor. Get to know the people of Jellyvision.

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What we’re like

Our mission is to help people make smart decisions about their benefits and their finances, so they can improve their lives. We hold each other accountable to that standard. We trust each person to bring their best to everything they do, and we speak honestly and directly when something falls short.

If that level of trust sounds demanding… it is. But it also means we trust each other to work remotely, dress comfortably, and be ourselves. And we take the time to delight in each other, whether that takes the form of a spelling bee, a softball game, or an occasional scavenger hunt.

We work hard, we work smart, and we work together.

Our Purpose

Our purpose at Jellyvision is “Be Helpful”—to people who use our software, to customers who buy it, to our colleagues here at work, and to our communities at large.

We’ve got the best chance to succeed as a truly helpful business, and to be the humans we aspire to be, when Jellyvision’s roster includes people of diverse races, backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, beliefs, and abilities. We also need every one of our employees to feel they belong here and that their voice is not just allowed, but respected and sought after.

Here’s a taste of how we promote and maintain diversity and inclusion at Jellyvision: We analyze our staff and applicant pool demographics quarterly to see where our recruiting process needs adjusting. We provide benefits that equitably cover the diversity of the people who work here. We support the formation of employee resource groups to encourage one another to bring our whole selves to work. And we require interview coaching, unconscious bias training, and ongoing education programs for our entire team—all the way up to our CEO.

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What we’re looking for

When we explain stressful or complicated stuff in a simple and relatable way, we call that speaking human. And to speak human, we need all kinds of humans. We want people with different backgrounds, opinions, preferences, and beliefs, because the more voices we have, the more we’re able to say.

We want everyone who works here to feel that they belong and that they have a voice in our mission. That’s the best kind of workplace, and it lets us do our best work.

And if you’re not human… we’ll keep your information on file, in case anything changes.

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