The Most Engaging Employee Communication Platform in the Universe*

*According to hundreds of the country’s top employers… and our moms.


  • ALEX guides your employees through important benefits, health care, and wellness decisions.
  • Unlike videos, webinars, and slideshow presentations, ALEX keeps employees actively engaged with your important HR messages.
  • Trusted by hundreds of employers, ALEX products provide helpful guidance and engaging education to millions of employees.
ALEX On Choosing Your Plan Mobile

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ALEX on Choosing Your Plan

With ALEX, you can simplify your company’s complex but very important benefits information, and empower your employees to make smart enrollment decisions.



Head off the confusion and fear before they start by helping your employees understand what to do with the new IRS form 1095.


“Because so many employees left our PPO plans and migrated over to the HSA, our 2018 tax liability went from $5 million to $300,000. It’s amazing. And we still have until 2018 to keep impacting that plan.”

Rosemary Ariada-Keiper
Senior Director of Rewards Adobe Systems
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“Having ALEX is like being able to send a benefits specialist to each of our associates and their families. ALEX is user friendly, interactive, and fun. And with ALEX, our associates don’t have to flip through 30 pages of a printed benefits packet to find out what they need to know.”

Anthony Jarusinski
Senior Benefits Coordinator American Eagle Outfitters
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“Yes, ALEX was a valuable tool for our employees. Yes, it helped us increase FSA participation by 30%. But what most surprised me was how much our people actually enjoyed using it. It’s both helpful and genuinely fun. You can’t say that about any other benefits tool I’m aware of.”

Melissa Dulin
Benefits Project Specialist Comcast Corporation
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“ALEX’s use of everyday language and humor kept people engaged. He spoke without all the insurance jargon while offering details for people who wanted to see the nuances of their plans.”

Amy Johnson
Principal Benefits Analyst Medtronic
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If you’re familiar with ALEX at all, you probably think of him as an open enrollment lifesaver (which he is).

But ALEX is equally effective at helping your new hires select their benefits during your company’s pre-boarding or onboarding periods, as…

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“What’s the point of reviewing my benefits again this year when there’s only one thing to choose?”

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